Scholz & Friends Zurich: Launch campaign for the new Emmi Milkshake

Enjoy well shaken - this is how Scholz & Friends Zurich is staging the campaign for Emmi's new milkshake. The orchestrated campaign with TV commercials, posters, advertisements and truck billboards is now on air throughout Switzerland.

Under the motto "Emmi. Swiss indulgence that enchants.", the campaign once again takes us into the magical Swiss world of Emmi with a TV commercial episode in which a marmot humorously shows how milkshake indulgence becomes the refreshment of the summer.

Responsible at Emmi Switzerland: Robin A. Barraclough (Head of Marketing Emmi Group), Marco Peter (Head of Marketing), Katharina Müller (Group Brand Manager), Isabelle Erne, Melanie Muri (Brand Manager). Responsible at Scholz & Friends Zurich: Christian Sommer, Ivo Hlavac, Jan Kempter (creation), Mathias Rösch, Irene Wurm (consulting), Suze Barrett, Dennis Lück (management creation), Wolfgang Steinhaus (management), Andreas Hoffmann (director). Film production: JERKfilms. Postproduction: Gravity-Rhino Group. Photographer: Oliver Schwarzwald. Postproduction: PX Group GmbH. Prepress: Digicom Digitale Medien AG. Media agency: Mediaedge:cia Switzerland.

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