Spinas: SAH becomes Solidar

For five years, the dollar sign whipped on a back has stood for the Swiss Workers' Relief Agency SAH and its commitment against modern slavery. This campaign continuity now benefits the name change to Solidar Suisse.

For 75 years, SAH has been campaigning against poverty and for humane working conditions. In stone quarries in China, on coffee plantations in Nicaragua or for cheap clothing in Asia: everywhere in the world, the poorest people are exploited as workers so that products can be offered as cheaply as possible in the rich industrialized countries. Never before have so many people been exploited as today.

With the campaign to change its name, Solidar Suisse calls for participation in actions against the sellout of human dignity. The design basis for the posters and advertisements is the logo newly developed by the agency. The repetition of the dollar-key visual ensures cohesion in terms of content and appearance during the transition phase to the organization's new name.

Responsible at Solidar Suisse: Rosanna Clarelli (Head of Fundraising), Christian Engeli (Head of Communications). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Lorenz Spinas (CD) / Stephan Huwiler (AD) / Matthias Freuler and Tom Malecha (text/concept) / Alexander Moltzen (graphics) / Conny Geibel (consulting), Bianca Hotho (production), Sergio Beti (image editing).

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