Mediapulse: New Establishment Survey 2010 published

Mediapulse conducted the New Establishment Survey for the second time. This survey covers reception technology and reception devices in Swiss households, with a focus on radio and television.

The proportion of households with at least one TV set for receiving programming remained stable compared with 2009 at 92 percent (TV households). Around three-quarters of all TV households still receive their TV programming via a cable connection. A good 17 percent receive their programs via satellite dish and around 7 percent via a digital reception antenna (DVB-T). IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) accounts for 12 percent. A good one in eight TV households has access to more than one distribution channel.

Of all TV households, 55 percent can now receive TV programming in digital quality. Compared with the previous year, this figure increased by 3 percentage points. However, certain regional differences are apparent. Latin Switzerland (62 percent in Suisse romande and 59 percent in Svizzera italiana) is ahead of German-speaking Switzerland (53 percent) in terms of digital TV access. One in five TV households can already enjoy TV in HD quality, regardless of the reception path. This figure has thus increased by more than a third compared to the previous year's study.

Only slightly more digital radios

95 percent of all Swiss households have a radio (excluding computers). Conventional radios are still very popular. The penetration of households with DAB/DAB+-capable devices has increased slightly and is now around 9 percent in Switzerland as a whole. Here, the regional picture is reversed in comparison to television. 10 percent of all German-speaking households in Switzerland can receive radio in digital quality terrestrially with this device. In the other two language regions, these figures are slightly lower.

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