Contexta is looking for a companion for Sergio

Since the beginning of 2010, Sergio, Benoît and Beat have been going on trips month after month, to test the SBB's day trips. This April, the Contexta advertising agency lets Sergio feel the spring, while Benoît and Beat - assisted by Francine Jordi - look for a leisure companion for him.

Through TV commercials, advertisements, public reports and online teasers, women between the ages of 30 and 70 are invited to apply to to register for the casting. The chosen one will win a joint appearance in the SBB TV commercial of the month of July as well as two tickets for an exclusive concert with Francine Jordi on the Rigi.


The highlight of the newly created microsite is the flirting tips that singer Francine Jordi gives Sergio. For this purpose, three online spots were specially conceived and realized, which leave no doubt for a second that things will work out with a leisure companion for Sergio - somehow.

To the spots on  

Responsible at SBB: Reto Meissner (Head of Marketing Communications Passenger Transport), Petra Thomann (Project Manager Marketing Communications Leisure Campaign). Responsible at Contexta, advertising agency BSW, Bern: Moritz Staehelin (CD), Willem Baumann (AD), Vanessa Mermoud (graphics), Daniel Müller (text), Nadine Borter (consulting and overall responsibility), Jonas Steiger, Michel Sulser (consulting). Production company: Stories: Tobias Fueter, Christine Wiederkehr (direction/editing), Caspar Martig (photography). Online: Maxomedia, Bern.



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