Ruf Lanz for VBZ: Cédric Wermuth gets lost in the Albisgüetli

After Christoph Mörgeli and Daniel Jositsch, Cédric Wermuth is now promoting the VBZ. The Aargau SP politician demonstrates self-irony in a campaign for the VBZ ticket offices.

Wermuth gets off the streetcar perplexed in front of the Albisgüetli stop, known in Zurich as an SVP stronghold. To ensure that out-of-towners also arrive at the right place, VBZ recommends personal advice in its ticket offices on the poster. The motif is used as an advertisement and poster.

Responsible at VBZ: Alain Kohler (Head of Market Communications), Natascha Klinger (Project Manager Market Communications). Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Markus Ruf, Danielle Lanz (Creative Direction), Marcel Schläfle (Art Direction), Andreas Hornung (Text), Kristina Burch (Consulting). Photography: Oliver Nanzig. Image editing: Red Department. 


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