Only one ad can do that: No karaoke - winning work is not feasible

Rights of use can be so expensive that they kill a campaign idea. This is what the winners of "Das kann nu rein Inserat", Manu Aggeler and Isabelle Meyer, found out. Their work "Karaoke" could not be realized for cost reasons. However, they will still travel to Croatia for the Best Yet competition. Together with the runners-up, who will now be able to realize their campaign.

The ad provides you with the lyrics: "I did it my way" by Frank Sinatra. You pick up the phone, listen to the melody - and try to sing the words as coherently as possible. This is called "karaoke". Manu Aggeler and Isabelle Meyer (picture teaser) have developed a multimedia campaign from this. To show that an ad can trigger a chain reaction.

The jury was so taken with the idea that they gave their awarded the first prize. For Manu Aggeler and Isabelle Meyer, this meant a victory fee of 10'000 francs in cash. Plus the contract for the realization of their campaign. The ads were to be placed in Swiss newspapers and magazines starting this month. Unfortunately, nothing will come of it now. The reason is the rights to the songs. To be more precise: the music publishers' asking prices, some of which are in the six-figure range - per song.


"A cliffhanger to the Internet" jumps in

These sums far exceed the possibilities of the Swiss Media Association. The "Advertising Campaign" project group therefore has to stop work on the "Karaoke" campaign. At the same time, it commissions Manuel Rohrer and Patrick Ryffel to realize their work "A Cliffhanger into the Internet". The team made it to the jury in December with three campaigns on the shortlist, which together with the winning work included four campaigns.

Manu Aggeler and Isabelle Meyer will receive financial compensation for their efforts so far. As the winning team, they will represent Switzerland at the 2011 Best Yet competition, which will be held in Croatia in mid-May. As the second team, Manuel Rohrer and Patrick Ryffel will travel to the Best Yet.

However, the association does not want to bury the winning project yet: If the idea of "karaoke" should still become something at a later point in time, it has open ears and offers its hand for the continuation of the cooperation, it announced in a communiqué.


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