Walker: Hyposwiss Private Bank now on Zurich HB

At the beginning of the week, Hyposwiss Private Bank opened a 54m2 "communications branch" in the middle of Zurich HB. The mega-poster by the Walker advertising agency is intended to draw attention to the advantages of the tradition-conscious private bank in a humorous way.

Following the first launch of an advertising campaign since the bank was founded over 100 years ago last summer, the poster once again communicates the values of long-term investment in a simple sentence. The "Expect the expected" campaign will be expanded in various print titles in 2011 and will refresh the banking world with its simple messages on a weekly basis, according to the agency.
Responsible at Walker:Hansjürg Christen (Head Business Development & Finance), Marisa De Faveri Schweizer (Head Marketing & Communication), Carole Vogel-Ringli (Head Marketing & Communication), Pius Walker (Creative Director), Martin Arnold/Heinz Helle (Text), Golf Nuntawat/Stefanie Huber (Art Direction), Cornelia Nünlist/Lisa Binkert (Consulting).
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