Scholz & Friends: The Emmi Murmeli as an iPhone app

The marmot from the Emmi TV campaign is now also available for your pocket. Scholz & Friends Zurich is bringing the rodent to the iPhone as an entertainment app.

The marmot "is house-trained, hand-tame, can dance, whistle, do somersaults on command and even enjoy - preferably products from Emmi," according to the agency's description. Via scan, the user collects points and, if the app is successfully completed by January 31, is entered into a vacation prize draw. Tips and tricks on how to get the Murmeli fit over the winter can be found by means of various dialog functions. For example, the app sends messages to the user if he is not taking enough care of his Murmeli, or posts humorous sayings on his own Facebook profile, which are intended to encourage pinboard dialogs within the Facebook group. In addition, the user is also supported there with photos, background information and an embedded how-to video.

The application is available free of charge via the iTunes Store available.

To the Facebook site:

Responsible at Emmi Switzerland: Robin A. Barraclough (Head of Marketing Emmi Group), Marco Peter (Marketing Manager), Katharina Müller (Group Brand Manager), Nicole Koller (Brand Manager). Responsible at Scholz & Friends Zurich: Christian Sommer, Ivo Hlavac, Steffen Pejas, Sabine Bremermann, Andreas Villing (creation), Mathias Rösch, Irene Wurm (consulting), Dennis Lück, Suze Barrett (creation management), Wolfgang Steinhaus (management). SFX: Gravity-Rhino Group. Dotpulse Web Agency: Imre Sinka, Nathalie Hämmerli. Technical concept/ programming: Codecheck Services / Sukha IT GmbH.

Scholz & Friends Switzerland with new brand world for Emmi umbrella brand


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