McCann Erickson: Campaign for Nestlé whole grain cereals realized

In an awareness campaign designed for the Swiss market for Cereal Partners Switzerland, McCann Erickson Zurich communicates the high proportion of whole grains in Nestlé cereals. This product advantage is presented under the slogan "I love whole grains".

Since the beginning of the year, the campaign has been seen throughout Switzerland on TV, in print and on posters, as well as at the PoS and on packaging. At the center is a Nestlé whole grain icon, which is integrated into the statement "I love whole grains" like a heart. Part of the campaign is also a broad-based promotion that additionally draws attention to the topic of whole grains.
To the TV spot: Nestle wholemeal.mpg


Responsible at Cereal Partners Switzerland: Cédric Chauliac (Country Business Manager), Françoise Kabangu Herrera (Product Manager). Responsible at McCann Erickson: Thilo Boullion (Head of Planning), Annika Seidel (Group Account Director), Christiane Hahn (Account Manager), Folker Wrage (CCO), Sascha Borsai (Sen. Concept/Copywriter), Denise Frech and Marcus Josty (Art Director).  

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