The Cannes reel 2008 is available on DVD

Publicitas Cinecom is releasing a DVD of the Cannes reel for the fourth time. It includes the best international commercials of this year as well as all film submissions including winning spots from Switzerland.

Those who missed the Swiss premiere of the Cannes reel on September 18 at the former freight depot in Zurich can now bring this year's best international commercials straight into their living rooms. The double DVD box set "Swiss DVD's Of Cannes'08" is being released for the fourth time and is produced and published by Publicitas Cinecom and its long-time partner Swissfilm Association.
The Cannes year 2008 was a record year for the Swiss. They brought home no less than 74 shortlist places and a total of eleven Lions from Cannes: four Silver, four Bronze, as well as two Silver Lion Campaigns and one Bronze Lion Campaign. The DVD contains not only the award-winning commercials, but also the Swiss Reel'08, i.e. all film submissions of the year from Switzerland. The DVD is available for 280 Swiss francs from Publicitas Cinecom (order online).

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