Head of the week: Jean-Orphée Reuter is the new publishing director of Glückspost since the beginning of the year

"I see myself as a craftsman in the service of readers".

"Head of the week: Jean-Orphée Reuter has been the new publishing director of Glückspost since the beginning of the year.
Jean-Orphée Reuter describes himself as the lucky child of Glückspost. He never dared to dream that he would one day be the paper's publishing director. This makes him all the happier about the "twist of fate" that is said to have given him the career jump at the turn of the year. Now he wants to tackle the challenge "with all his heart and fresh vigor. In concrete terms, this means continuing on the path of a gentle image correction, setting new thematic priorities, and shedding the reputation of the old-fashioned Glückspost in the advertising market.
A strategy that has so far been rewarded by the readership: "In 2002, we were able to generate 22,000 new readers," explains Reuter proudly. However, the 39-year-old associates this "applause" from the public not only with successful marketing, but also with close cooperation between the editor-in-chief and the publishing management: "Our entire team works with heart and soul and sticks together like peas and carrots - that's reflected in the magazine." The "man with the cloverleaf" - as Reuter is known in the industry - sees himself in it as a creative salesman, a craftsman serving the readers.
He learned the trade from scratch: After his apprenticeship, Reuter worked in an advertising agency during the day and as a telephone salesman for the Luzerner Neuesten Nachrichten (LNN) in the evenings. "From the very beginning, I enjoyed dealing with people and the creative facets of the sales profession," says Reuter. So he didn't have to think long when his "mentor," LNN advertising manager Kari Angst, offered him a job as a consultant. Two years later, the same person brought him to Ringier in Zurich as area sales manager for magazines, where the Lucerne native was most recently appointed brand manager for Glückspost.
"I always had a grandiose time," Reuter comments on his career. Career and title riding were never in the foreground, he says. Reuter attributes his success to his warm, humorous and optimistic nature. "As the son of a prima ballerina and a painter, I also have the necessary creativity," laughs Reuter.
Obviously also the exotic first name Jean-Orphée, which he received in honor of Jean Cocteau's film "Orphée". In the end, he also shapes his own life in an unconventional way: He has a passion for angels, for example, fills his apartment with celestial beings and has even christened his two sons Noah-Raphael and Elijah-Seraphim. Thanks to a "charming" family and an "exciting" job, nothing is missing from his happiness: "I'm completely satisfied with my life and hope that everything stays the way it is.
Carole Koch

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