Jupiter no longer argues

US Internet researchers end dispute over patents

U.S. Internet researchers end dispute over patentsThe U.S. Internet researchers Jupiter Media Metrix and NetRatings have drawn a line under their patent dispute. Jupiter had accused NetRatings of infringing its patents by measuring web usage through software on consumers' computers. Now NetRatings is buying said patent rights from Jupiter for $15 million and licensing them back to Jupiter at a cost. In addition, NetRatings is taking over Jupiter's customer contracts for Internet usage measurement in Europe, as well as "certain related assets." The deal is said to have no impact on Switzerland. Jupiter is represented here by MMXI Switzerland, which is part of 80% of IHA-GfK and 20% of Jupiter subsidiary MMXI Europe. IHA managing director Peter Hofer could not confirm whether the investment was among the assets sold. The business of MMXI Switzerland will not be affected by the identity of the minority shareholder, he said, as the company works directly with Jupiter in the USA in the technical area. (sm)

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