Film and Video Producers with new board of directors

The approximately 50 members of the Swiss Film and Video Producers (SFVP) have elected a new board. Andres Brütsch is the new president.

The approximately 50 members of the Swiss Film and Video Producers (SFVP) have elected a new board. The new president is Andres Brütsch, owner of Topic Film, who replaces Urs Wäckerli. In the future, Wäckerli wants to devote more time to his "culture factory". In the fall, Wäckerli will open a bar with gallery and concert venue in the Lebewohlfabrik in Zurich, where corn plasters used to be manufactured.Brütsch has also "coincidentally" become president of the "Zurich for Film" association. This increased commitment, however, has nothing to do with an over-night tendency toward association bureaucracy. "No one seeks out these offices," says Brütsch. Having benefited from the association's work for around 20 years, he has now simply "run out of arguments for refusing such responsibility."
At SFVP, Brütsch sees his goals primarily in image improvement. "Our image is not bad, we don't have one at all," he believes. There is still too little recognition of the professional qualities that Swiss film producers have to offer. In addition to the president, Christoph Müller of Frame Eleven, Zurich, who has also been newly elected to the board, will also participate in the "Image Improvement Taskforce".
Upcoming tasks awaiting the fresh management crew include the organization of the "EDI Competition" for the best commissioned and commercial films. More delicate is the cultivation of relations with the TPC, because on the one hand the SFVP wants to continue to maintain a good relationship with the client SRG, on the other hand it is an open secret that the outsourced production center of Swiss television is pressuring commissioned filmmakers with cross-subsidized competitive prices.
It's hard to tell how the industry is doing at the moment. "Some are doing great, others are doing lousy," one hears. What is certain is that with the four large postproduction centers in Zurich - Primetime, Werk, Video Online and Ultra - there is an oversupply that cannot continue in the long term. Andreas Panzeri

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