WHS Zurich rebuilds, upgrades and not downsizes

WHS, Zurich, held a small construction site party to celebrate a number of employees leaving and joining the company and the relocation of peripheral companies to the agency.

WHS, Zurich, celebrated a small construction site party to mark the departure and arrival of a number of employees and the relocation of peripheral companies to the agency, saying that exactly what he had in mind when he set off with WHS to Vienna and Berlin was currently being created on a small scale in Zurich. "You make a few mistakes and then everything comes to fruition," said Reinhold Weber, taking aim at the departing members Petra Bottignole (text), Oliver Kreienbühl (graphics), Dominik Oberwiler (AD) and Michael Rottman (AD) in a witty speech. The departures will be replaced by Eric Voser (AD), who will take Rottman's place, Christian Bircher (AD), Lorenz Clormann (graphics), Simone Jörg (graphics) and Thomas Meyer (text). As "new subtenants who are much more than that", Patrick Held, ex-founding partner, and Marco Gitermann, ex-employee of Day Interactive, Otto Kern, ex-employee of SwissRe, and Corinne Goetschel (former criminal commissioner in the canton of Jura) are moving into the agency on the lake with the conference company Sejmar. And former Facts editor-in-chief René Lüchinger is joining Weber's agency with the company Lüchinger Publishing. Also involved in the change is Yvonne Boller, formerly Strategic Planner at Lowe, Zurich, who replaces Yvonne Hodel as Managing Director (ew).

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