Does APG want to buy RMB Switzerland?

Denials from the poster companies and radio silence from RMB's Brussels headquarters

Last Thursday, the Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique and the Geneva business paper L'Agefi reported that the indebted multimedia marketer RMB International (RMBI) intends to sell its subsidiaries in Switzerland and Austria to the Swiss outdoor advertising company Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft (APG). The deal will be completed by February 15 at the latest. While La Libre Belgique merely assumes all this, the Agefi article suggests that the information has been confirmed by RMBI Board President Marie-Hélène Crombé, but this could be a newspaper hoax. The very fact that APG was to go on a shopping spree in Belgium must be doubted. If so, then the Affichage holding company would probably be negotiating there. APG was also blindsided by the news. Both APG press spokesman Jürg Sager and Peter Stebler, head of APG International and deputy CEO of APG, gave credible assurances that they had first heard about the purchase plans via WerbeWoche. Affichage was also surprised at the highest level and finally denied the news: "The report is not true, we are not in talks in Belgium," said the spokesperson.
Affichage Chairman of the Board of Directors and National Councillor Jean-Philippe Maitre via his CFO Ulrich von Bassewitz. Affichage CEO Christian Kauter was unavailable due to vacation.
There has been virtual silence on the part of RMBI. No statement was available from Crombé himself, and Matthias Luchsinger, CEO of RMB Switzerland and as Manager Area Central Europe also responsible for RMB Austria, did not want to comment on the newspaper reports. But perhaps the two newspapers were on the right track, but confused APG with Clear Channel Plakanda (CCP), the second Swiss out-of-home advertiser. WerbeWoche therefore asked CCP whether there was any interest in RMB Switzerland. "No", says CCP CEO Beat Roeschlin briefly. Is CCP also not in talks in Belgium? "No," says Roeschlin again, but then adds: "And if that were the case, I wouldn't tell you." The denial from CCP VR President Peter Gmür is clearer: "I can categorically deny that. We don't have anything like that cooking." However, he did not know whether Clear Channel London was negotiating with RMB International, but he had not heard anything. Markus Knöpfli

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