Daniel Comte

Jury president outdoor advertising/individual motifs

Jury President Outdoor Advertising/Single MotifsHow would you rate the standard in your category?: In our category, there was only bronze and silver. The fact that we were nowhere near the medal quota of 25 percent of the entries says it all.
How is the quality of this advertising vintage in general?
Comte: The economic crisis has not only had a negative impact on advertising budgets, but also on the innovative power of ideas. I would say it was an average year with a rapid decline.
Your conclusion after 26 years of ADC: Has the standard of the submitted work increased, remained the same, or deteriorated?
Comte: Since Swiss advertising has increasingly been competing with foreign creations at festivals in recent years, the standard of the work has risen considerably thanks to international role models from England and North and South America.
Can newcomers be spotted, or did the ADC habitués win once again?
Comte: Yes, the newcomers in the established ADC agencies.
Which works do you think have a chance at the Cannes Festival?
Comte: The Laax/Flims and Erotic Book Store print works and also some entries that unfortunately received too few or no awards from the ADC, such as the Nico yearbook campaign and the "Siegerpodest" print motif for Tibet. There are still jurors who ignore international standards.
What did you pay particular attention to during the evaluation?
Comte: On new, surprising ideas and the quality of their implementation. In other words, work that will never be forgotten.
What stood out to you as you evaluated the work?
Comte: There were many follow-up campaigns that had already won awards last year and very few new submissions from major clients, which in turn indicates the poor order situation.
What importance do you attach to lobbying in such competitions?
Comte: Can anyone tell me where anything is still going on today without lobbying?
Based on the advertising, will you now buy one of the award-winning advertised products?
Comte: Yes, Hakle feucht in the Erotic Book Store.
Has this competition raised your professional pride as an advertiser to a new high?
Comte: No, because if you stop improving, you have stopped being good.
Has there been any work that has achieved art status for you as an art director?
Comte: Perhaps the "Freitag" book, which won gold.

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