Gold prospector in Küsnacht

A moderately serious event collision occurred last week. On Thursday, four parties invited to events.

A moderately serious event collision occurred last week. In addition to ADC and Annabelle events, the program also included the renaming of the Red Cell agency (formerly Conquest) and the big inauguration party at the Goldbach Center in Küsnacht. The latter two benefited from the good weather, as both venues also had fresh air refueling stations thanks to spacious terraces.
Back in March, IP Multimedia (IPM) moved from Seefeld to the renovated Terlinden building in Küsnacht in just one weekend. Now, finally, the big party took place and the new rooms were presented.
However, Klaus Kappeler would not be Klaus Kappeler if they did not also come up with important news. At a press conference in the morning, the founding of a new company was announced. Under the name Goldbach Media, a joint marketing platform in the form of a cross-media provider was created for the companies IPM,,, Net-promotions, B&J Fastline and Swisscontent. Beat Curti pondered philosophically about the name Goldbach, Klaus Kappeler and Goldbach Media Managing Director Hans Ueli Keller presented the company and its goals (see also page 3).
One or the other visitor quipped that Goldbach, in contrast to Crossmedia, sounded a bit provincial because there was nothing English about the name. On the other hand, the company will certainly be easy to find; the neighboring
S-Bahn stop bears the name Goldbach.
Almost omnipresent was also IPM Managing Director Michi Frank, who welcomed us at the jazz breakfast. Although instead of the expected salmon rolls with caviar and champagne, we had plaited pastries and meat slices - which caused a slight disappointment among early risers; however, the morning sun and the prospect of a superb lunch made up for this culinary sin of omission.
Among the very early arrivals, we spotted MLB media manager Isabelle Vetter; for her, it was a stone's throw - the offices of Metzger Lehner Briccola are located in neighboring Erlenbach. Epa advertising manager Jürg Kräuchi, on the other hand, spoke highly of his companion: "Small but nice, the agency of media specialist Kurt Schwab, because there you are still looked after by the boss himself, which Kräuchi greatly appreciates.
There were great expectations for the lunch. The most important V.I.P. members were seated for lunch on a Lake Zurich ship, where star chef André Jaeger of the Schaffhausen Fishermen's Guild demonstrated his culinary skills. In addition to host Klaus Kappeler, other guests enjoying the fine meal included advertisers Peter Lesch and Hanspeter Detsch, BSW President René R. Hürlimann, Keystone CEO Walter Grolimund and Wolfgang Mecklenburg, who is rarely seen at advertising events.
Those who had time then enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the company of Goldbach employees, before the Big Party continued in the evening. And because it was a beautiful and mild summer evening, the nearby lakeshore also invited for a short visit.
The beautiful roof terrace at the Red Cell advertising agency also invited visitors to linger a while. The company, which is part of the WPP network, used to be called Conquest and has been operating under its new name since March. This was, of course, a reason to celebrate, especially as it was an opportunity to present the new, ultra-modern offices to customers, suppliers, friends and neighbors.
The agency, headed by Romaine Marti, can be found right next to the Hardturm stadium, with the best view of the training ground of the soccer players from the noble kicking club Grasshoppers. This might be one of the reasons why Red Cell's payroll is predominantly made up of women - if you have the Coca-Cola light commercial with the muscular construction worker in mind, we don't mean that, of course! But women are naturally less distracted by the round leather than men. And that's probably why the workplaces of the three male employees are all on the side of the agency facing away from the stadium.
Football or not: Piero Schäfer, agency boss Remy Fabrikant, media specialist Peter Döbeli, Gilberto Petecchia from Fiat, Roli Hofer, head of the Red Cell trust agency BTO, and Facts advertising manager Kilian Gasser, who was especially pleased with the meat specialties flown in from his home canton of Uri, were all part of the party.
During the course of the party, many people saw red, but only in a positive sense. In addition to red tablecloths and floral decorations, all Red Cell and catering staff were dressed in red; and the color also ran through the menu like a red thread.
The guests were greeted with a red welcome drink, and the food included coconut soup with red peperoncino oil, a red Thai curry whose spiciness made one or two guests turn fiery red, tagliatelle with red pesto sauce, and Swedish cakes decorated in red for dessert. And all of this - self-praise is allowed without blushing in the face - inspired even the most demanding connoisseur completely.

is spooning up the soup he has made for himself. In the truest sense of the word - because at the company event of the Red Cell agency, our shortlist author was also responsible in the function that he still performs in addition to his WerbeWoche commitment. As F&B manager, he designed and organized the catering for the Red Cell party - to his surprise, to everyone's satisfaction. Lesson learned is lesson learned; not to mention the not inconsiderable wealth of experience gained at the previous shortlist parties.
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