Twin whistles and toasters

Youth becomes the new hobbyhorse of the Equi-Media publishing house

Youth becomes the new hobbyhorse of the Equi Media publishing houseBy Markus KnöpfliLike the virgin to the child, Equi Media AG came up with the youth magazine Twin. Its foundations were laid by the same people who developed the new concept for Pfiff. Twin was launched on March 7 with an initial circulation of 65,000 copies.
The fact that Equi Media AG, of all companies, a publishing house specializing in equine publications (PferdeWoche, SwissTurf), has now launched the youth magazine Twin is pure coincidence. Owner Christian Jacques had no such plans. But he knew Werner Zuber and Jacqueline Gervasi and had open ears for their ideas.
A year ago, Zuber and Gervasi had already been able to partially realize their ideas for a youth magazine at the Zurich-based Büry-Verlag, a wholly owned subsidiary of Akeret-Verlag, Dielsdorf (Zürcher Unterländer) since 1999, but only partially. What could be realized there with the new concept for Pfiff did not satisfy either of them, which is why they left Büry-Verlag and finally reached a commercial agreement with Equi Media AG.
Twin, which was first published on March 7, is available free of charge at 168 post offices in German-speaking Switzerland as well as at 170 youth meeting points, apprentice departments of large companies, schools and City Disc branches. "We want to be where the young people are anyway," says Zuber, explaining the distribution concept. From April, Twin will also be available in the departure gates at Kloten Airport with an additional 15,000 copies, and will also be offered on Balair, CTA and Edelweiss aircraft as the only youth magazine.
The four-color magazine in tabloid format for 14- to 20-year-olds makes no compromises when it comes to distribution. If you want to get your hands on the free paper every 14 days, you have to pick it up at the distribution points; subscriptions are not possible.
Abstaining from alcohol and
Cigarette advertising
In terms of content, the Twin editorial team, with its 16- to 30-year-old freelancers, also covers "classic" youth topics such as music, charts or cinema, but according to Zuber, it places particular emphasis on the topics of school and vocational training. Political decisions with references to young people are also to feature.
Of the minimum 32 pages, a maximum of one third will be filled with advertisements, promises Zuber. A four-color, full-page ad costs 7830 Swiss francs. If Twin receives ten such advertisements per issue - which Zuber considers realistic, despite the fact that there will be no tobacco or alcohol advertising - it will be possible to start a year with the
break-even can be expected.
Twin is looking for partnerships with various media. A cooperation exists with the program "Videogang" on Tele 24, while talks are still underway with the youth radio stations 105 and Virus. Twin can be found on the Internet at, but this presence only plays second fiddle.
And how does Twin position itself among Swiss youth titles? Zuber: "We're aiming for a younger target audience. We're closest to Pfiff, but have the larger distribution area and a more target-group-oriented sales concept."
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