Even Roger Schawinski is there

TeleCombi combines eight regional TV stations in German-speaking Switzerland

TeleCombi unites eight regional TV stations in German-speaking SwitzerlandBy Markus Knöpfli Christian Stärkle has done it: He has packed eight regional TV fleas, including Tele 24, into his TeleCombi sack. And it is contractually tied up. The new offer will be on the market as of 2001. And from April, most of the stations will also have an identical program structure.
"What has come out of Stärkle's kitchen so far has always been stillborn" - with these words Roger Schawinski had commented on the Tele-M1 boss's efforts to create a regional language TV combi just six months ago (WW 17/00). Today, six months later, the Belcom boss with his stations Tele Züri and Tele 24 is the fattest flea in Stärkle's combi bag.
The previous TeleCombi partners Tele M1, Tele Bärn, Tele Basel and Tele Tell were joined by the four eastern Swiss fleas Tele Top, Tele Ostschweiz, Tele Südostschweiz and Schaffhauser TV. Tele 24 serves as the language-regional umbrella.
The goal is clear: The nine stations want to form a joint advertising platform for national campaigns. Compared to SF DRS, TV 3 and the advertising windows, the reference to the respective region is emphasized as a special USP. The offer will be marketed as of January 1, 2001. The clearing house is at Radiotele AG.
Based on the advertising block ratings measured (or assumed for SHTV and Südostschweiz) between January and June 2000, the TeleCombi partners excluding Tele 24 reach an average of between 607000 and 651000 viewers per day from the 15 to 49 age group, according to Stärkle. In the future, however, TeleCombi will be measured and reported as a unit by Publica Data.
Now serving regional one-size-fits-all TV fare
The tariff has not yet been defined in detail. Here, the young combination, which for the first time can only be terminated at the end of 2002, still faces a stress test. However, benchmarks have been set. For example, the rates will always be about ten percent lower than those of SF 1, the CPM will be 90 francs and the GRP 1.70 francs. In the future, rates will be reset on a quarterly basis.
In order to offer advertisers not only a platform but also a programming environment that is as homogeneous as possible, the programming structures of the partners (except Tele Züri and Tele 24) are to be
be aligned as of April 1, 2001: Hourly program loops starting on the hour. The 60-minute program with regional news, weather and magazine should also have an identical schedule everywhere. But that's not all: a program commission headed by Tele-Bärn managing director Marc Friedli will ensure joint magazine shows. Currently, a jointly produced weekly lifestyle magazine is in preparation. Others are to follow.
In order for TeleCombi to come about, some partners have jumped over their own shadows. Tele Bärn, which has only been repeating its program every half hour on certain days since last spring, will return to the hourly loop as of April 1, 2001. Tele Top and Tele Südostschweiz have to abandon the leader pool they launched in the middle of the year, since no sub-pools are tolerated within TeleCombi.
However, the last word has hardly been spoken on this matter. It is also astonishing that the three eastern Swiss broadcasters SHTV, Tele Ostschweiz and Tele Top are placing themselves jointly under the TeleCombi umbrella. On the one hand because of the animosities among them, on the other hand because the territories of SHTV and Tele Ostschweiz are practically completely covered by Tele Top.
"A combo like this takes time and can't be forced," Stärkle had told WerbeWoche last spring with stoic composure. How right he was.

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