Head of the week: "Even everyday advertising has an artistic claim".

Heinz Schwegler: The senior AD joined the management of FCB Leutenegger Krüll

Heinz Schwegler: The senior AD joined the management team of FCB Leutenegger KrüllHead of the week "Even everyday advertising has an artistic claim".
The month of April saw the birth of FCB Leutenegger Krüll from the Bozell Leutenegger Krüll agency in Wallisellen. In addition to CEO Peter Leutenegger and CD Mike Krüll, Toni Hänggi for finance and consultants Marc Ziegler and Christoph Bögli have since joined the extended management team. Senior AD Heinz Schwegler is the new member of the creative team.
The latter contacted Mike Krüll six years ago in response to an ad and was immediately hired as an AD. Before that, the Lucerne native had a rather free and multi-layered career as an artist. Schwegler received his training at various art schools. After a few assistantships, he soon worked independently as a fashion photographer in Paris.
"It was this awakening period in the late '70s," Schwegler recalls of the era when he felt stylistically associated primarily with the punk scene with his paintings, videos, poems, collages and photographs. Schwegler worked for various punk magazines. "Because I noticed there that you can still do a lot with a text via typography, I also wanted to master this art even better," he explains his next development step. He learned to work with typography at Peter Zimmermann's art book publisher Unikate - until the business of books finally became too dry for him.
Since then, the artist, photographer and performance artist has felt "perfectly at home" in advertising, because he can combine all his artistic skills in this profession. For example, with a music CD he designed for the Krismer metalworking shop. He remixed original sounds from the locksmith's shop as a heavy metal composition. The booklet to the CD serves as the company brochure requested by the customer. He can also combine art with the useful with his advertising for the Zurich Theater am Neumarkt.
However, Schwegler is just as tempted to make advertising with an artistic claim for everyday products as well. The AD therefore hopes that Compaq's budget, which his agency has just received, will include not only international adaptations, but also his own creations.
Since he also has a wife and two small children "in addition" to all these new tasks, Schwegler's own art, which he still cultivates, will probably be somewhat neglected in the near future. But since his motto used to be "The true artist lives underground," this first passion will surely reappear somewhere one day. Andreas Panzeri

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