Do you know what an ass bomb is? According to the German advertising agency ForSale, it's anything but a lucrative pastime.

Do you know what an ass bomb is? According to the German advertising agency ForSale, it's anything but a lucrative pastime.Nevertheless, the "for sale" creatives aren't afraid to use the preliminary stage of such an ass bombshell as an eye-catcher in their ad for the Euro in the SonntagsZeitung. Apart from the fact that all the attention is focused on the gap between the naked buttocks, not much of an advertising achievement. At most in their own cause, since the copy "This is how you make money" probably refers to the agency bill.Completely fixated on his Prada shoes (are also relatively expensive) is the German Sonnyboy Andreas Elsholz. In the Görtz ad, he drops all his clothes, except for his shoes. The aging Aborigines seems to have a similar attitude. He proudly presents his white beard, his leathery skin and his long iguana. Or is it a monitor lizard? It doesn't matter, because this creation is paid for by the sneaker producer Reebok.
So, is it now clear what these three ads have in common? They trigger an alienating feeling. Because the naked man as an advertising jock - seems even sillier than the naked woman. On the one hand, because misplaced nudity is hard-hitting, and on the other hand, because we're not used to seeing men in Adam's costumes. For advertising, at least for the last 100 years, it's been pretty clear who's responsible for this job. I'm still trying to understand to this day. Chandra Kurt

Anna is my sweetheart
By Martin Lanz
How does it feel to be on this bump of misery when you're made for paradise? Anna is a bird of paradise. Anna asked as a child, "What is the meaning of life?" "Maybe the meaning you give it," I said. "Impossible," Anna said, "no living thing lives to give meaning to its life." "Maybe the meaning of life is to be happy." "Is a worm happy?" Anna asks. "Is a starving child happy?" Asks Anna. Asks Anna. Asks Anna.
Anna was an excellent student. IQ over 130. Until she started looking. And not finding. Now Anna wants to catch up on her Matura. She has earned a lot of money. She doesn't want to invest it. Banks are pigs. Anna won't go along with that. Maybe at the Alternative Bank. Maybe she will. I say, "Anna, without the bank, Grendene & Lanz would never have existed. If you hadn't grown up in a house with a garden. The economy wouldn't work." "I won't be a part of that." Says Anna. And I say: "When it's hot, the fan sellers earn. When it's cold, the stove salesmen earn. When there's a fight, the lawyers earn. When there's war, the arms manufacturers earn. When you're sick, the doctor earns." Anna is silent. "The world works like this," I say. "And you?" Anna asks. I feel sick to my stomach. "I do advertising, I crank up the economy. Without advertising, nothing works." I've lost. What is she going to study? Anna is a bird of paradise. Twenty years ago, Anna said, "Daddy's my sweetheart." Now I belong to the others. Anna. Annaaaa! Yes, we don't study enough. Advertising alone can't be it! Anna asks. Questions. Pre-questions. Secondary questions. Under-questioned. This has a name: Creativity. Creativity is the treasure of mankind. And creativity always starts with questions. Misery is the one who accepts misery without question. Are there still questions? No question: Anna is my treasure.
Language Observer

Pause - Tribune Talks about Money and the World In football, it becomes obvious what is true in our society anyway: every person has his or her price. Dirk Schümer ("God is round", Berlin Verlag)
The Basler plays like a parking meter. He stands around and the Bavarians stuff money in. Max Merkel (coach)
The job description of a football star includes the tasks of a model, a representative, a social worker and a showmaster. The individual athlete has to credibly stir up emotions and, depending on the situation, unrestrainedly cheer or portray sadness. But if he were paid more, he would do the same for the opponent tomorrow. And every fan knows that. Dirk Schümer
It is important that the clubs are built up into global brands and open up new markets. Ilja Kaenzig (Overall Football Coordination at Bayer Leverkusen)
The defenders are the accountants who prevent the company from going into the red. In the midfield, the managers develop the strategy, and in the forward line, the marketing people ensure that the deals have a high experience value. That's the distribution of competencies in a market economy, and that's all a modern community needs, which is why the club president is also the ideal candidate for the highest government office. Fabio Capello (then coach at AC Milan)
A good player is an exemplary employee. Silvio Berlusconi (candidate for the highest government office)
Yes, I thought, my God, I'm finally getting a return on the 5 million I get here every year. Michael Büskens (after scoring a goal)
There is no more conformist contemporary than the soccer fan. Everywhere else, people have freed themselves from the role pattern of the corporative state. The last group that displays strictly ritualized behavior, dresses in color-coded costumes, cultivates coats of arms and anthems, uses its own codes and is committed to typical chants with a simple, regionally differentiated custom, are the soccer fans. Dirk Schümer
In the latest Sunday Times ranking of the thousand richest Englishmen, there are no footballers - but thirty club presidents. Ernst Kindhauser (Weltwoche 23/00)
The stock market in Frankfurt or on Wall Street does not conceal the fact that it is all about returns. In football, however, greed for money is cloaked in loyalties and traditions that cannot be harmed by the fact that they are constantly being broken. Football is one of the most mendacious manifestations of capitalism. Dirk Schümer
The new season will see the first Indian playing in the English Premier League. This will open up a market of one billion people. An enormous source of money has been tapped. The goal of every club must be to capture a share of the Asian market potential. Ilja Kaenzig
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