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Baromedia 2000 from Ringier Romandie: Internet and cell phone unstoppable at the top

Baromedia 2000 by Ringier Romandie: Internet and cell phone unstoppable at the topBy Anita Vaucher The qualitative media study Baromedia by Ringier Romandie surprises this year with detailed results on the medium Internet. The study also pays special attention to the cell phone, which is now owned by every second Swiss citizen.
"Nothing new in the West," one is tempted to say at first glance in the qualitative media study Baromedia 2000 from Ringier Romandie - if the Internet had not thoroughly shaken up the media use of the Swiss. For there are hardly any surprises to be found in the other results, and it is probably of little consequence if Mr. and Mrs. Swiss love the political authorities a little more than they already do. Apart from that, television advertising is still annoying, radio is still the most important source of information, and teletext has lost none of its credibility when it comes to the truthfulness of information.
But the topic of the Internet is exciting. Gilles Marchand, Director of Ringier Romandie, asks the question in the editorial: What if the Internet were to permanently change the relationship between consumers and the other media? And what if expectations of an information medium were to turn into impatience and people no longer placed great value on the truth content?
The importance of the Internet is increasing rapidly
The study, which was conducted in collaboration with the Geneva-based opinion research institute Erasm, is not yet as dramatic, but the importance of the Internet is rising rapidly. While only 30 percent of the Swiss population regularly surfed the web in last year's study, this year the figure is already 44 percent.
While new additions to the Internet in the professional sector have increased only slightly, Baromedia 2000 now notes an all the greater rush of private connections. 70 percent of Internet users now also surf from home, while 68 percent access the Web from the workplace and 27 percent from schools, universities and cybercafés. E-mail is the most frequently used function, while e-commerce has not yet really gained a foothold in Switzerland.
Baromedia 2000 also looks at the cell phone, which, like the Internet, is experiencing a huge boom. According to the study, one in two Swiss people now owns a cell phone, and 54 percent use it every day. There is a clear trend that more and more young people are using the mobile phone. 58 percent of users regularly send information via SMS, while WAP is used by six percent so far. At the moment, only 13 percent of users can imagine interruptive advertising in favor of cheaper rates.
The detailed Baromedia 2000 study can be obtained from: Ringier Romandie, Lausanne, tel. 021 331 70 00, or from Ringier Romandie in Zofingen, tel. 062 746 31 11.

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