Best of South-East (1st quarter 2000)

Affinity of ads among supporters in the "Christian camp".

Affinity of ads among supporters in the "Christian camp "Best of Print AdvertisingThe advertising hits 2000 from the Advertising Index of the market research institute Demoscope
In collaboration with the market research institute Demoscope, Publimedia presents the readers of WerbeWoche with an extract of the results from the Advertising Index (AX Print) five times a year. This index (see box) is a module of the Market Radar and measures the popularity of advertising subjects. In the top two rows are those subjects that achieved the greatest acceptance in the relevant psychographic target group (see wind rose). The three subjects that performed best in the entire sample, i.e. in all four target groups, in the first quarter of 2000 are shown under the heading "Top three".
Advertising IndexFor the Advertising Index ad tests, a representative sample of around 800 people is surveyed in eight waves. The respondent first completes a psychological test (50-item test) and then leafs through a magazine with 45 advertisements. As with reading a magazine, the respondent is free to spend as much time as he or she likes on each ad in the test. Before turning the page, she rates the ad on a scale of 5 ("appeals to me a lot") to 1 ("doesn't appeal to me at all"). Supporters are people who are "very" or "fairly" appealed to by an ad. The acceptance of advertising determined in this way correlates strongly with other functions of advertising impact and is therefore suitable for benchmarking.
For the segmentation of the sample according to target groups, Market Radar uses a psychographic test, the so-called 50-item test. With the help of this test, the value orientations of the person surveyed are determined and assigned to one of the psychogram fields (see wind rose). The value orientations range from South (conservative) to North (progressive) and from West (outward-looking, materialistic) to East (inward-looking, idealistic).
Further information on the Advertising Index and the Market Radar is available from Demoscope. Planning support with the Advertising Index, the Radar and new
with the Print-Advertising-Monitor (PAM) mediates the Publimedia.
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