Will the people of Geneva soon become free readers too?

Blick wants to be with readers before Metropol and 20 Minuten - Headline panel on commuter newspapers

Blick wants to be with readers before Metropol and 20 Minuten - Headline panel on commuter newspapersThe new Zurich commuter newspapers expect to break even in one to two years, while Blick is considering early delivery in Zurich as a defensive measure. These are the most important findings from a panel discussion in Olten.The panel organized by the communications club Headline included five publishing directors: Rolf Bollmann, 20 Minuten, Urs Zeier, Metropol, Bruno Blaser, Blick, Ueli Eckstein, Aargauer Zeitung, and Joachim Tillessen from the Neue Mittelland Zeitung.
The most important news: Bollmann announced that, according to the business plan, 20 Minuten should break even by the end of 2001 and have repaid its investments in four years. Zeier is more cautious; he expects Metropol to break even by the end of 2002.
At Blick, counter-strategies are being considered: early delivery in the greater Zurich area is being considered. This would bring Blick to the reader before he has a commuter paper in his hands. Blaser also said that there had not yet been any decline in retail sales. He recalled the situation in Hungary, where Ringier is present with a tabloid and Metro with a commuter paper. "We haven't had any drop in retail sales there in the last 18 months."
Eckstein and Tillessen were also relaxed. The two commuter papers are well made, but there are currently no effects in Aargau or the Espace Mittelland, they said.
However, Zeier revealed that things are not always so relaxed behind the scenes: TA-Media had threatened to withdraw the contract from three of its suppliers if they also supplied Metropol. He also waved a finger: Metro Amsterdam had changed its concept after four months and had switched to
a national strategy. In Switzerland, however, there is no such intention. In another context, however, it became known that Metropol could be considering the Geneva-Lausanne area for another project... Markus Knöpfli
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