Fax: Press TV does gay show

According to a report in Blick, Press TV (PTV) is planning to air a 30-minute gay and lesbian magazine show called "Felix" on Saturday nights on SF 2.

According to a report in Blick, Presse-TV (PTV) is planning a 30-minute gay and lesbian magazine show called "Felix" on Saturday evenings on SF 2.Fax Presse-TV is making gay show host is Andrin Schweizer. Felix" will be broadcast for the first time on 27 May. If the pilot show meets with sufficient viewer interest, a regular monthly edition is planned from the autumn. "Felix" will report on topics such as lifestyle, outfits, travel, sports and leisure. The place of action will be the Zurich bar Cranberry. The show is produced by Basilea-Film, a subsidiary of PTV member Basler Zeitung.
Computerworld and PCTip in the lead On behalf of IDG Communications, Wemf investigated the reach of various IT publications in Swiss companies. The two IDG titles Computerworld and PCTip are among the most frequently used printed information sources among IT managers. Across all company sizes, Computerworld took first place, PCTip second. Computerworld is also the clear winner among large companies, ahead of C'T Computertechnik, Chip and PC Guide. PCTip is ranked fifth in large companies. In order to keep up to date in the IT sector, however, talking to other experts in general continues to be of particular importance. Overall, the IT trade press is only the sixth most important source of information.
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