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I was about to exclaim and call the one ad for the Mercure hotels antiquated and out of date. But sometimes it is worthwhile not to let your anger run wild immediately and to wait a while.

In 600 sales outlets in German-speaking Switzerland, posters advertise World Book DayBy Carlo Bernasconi With a campaign by Felber Kristofori & Pinzon, the Booksellers Association of German-speaking Switzerland (BVDS) is supporting its members with advertising for World Book Day on 23 April. The motto of this year's World Book Day: "Pro fixed book prices".
For Harry Heusser, the head of advertising and trade fairs at the Publishers Association of German-speaking Switzerland (VVDS), this year's campaign is "a poetic transposition of a dry subject". After all, the aim is to convince the public of the blessings of the bound shop price. For example, Rudy Felber provided the dry but correct justification for the film shots with Laurel & Hardy and Groucho Marx for the headline: "The fixed shop price guarantees the versatile promotion of culture. Therefore, join us in supporting fixed book prices."
This has been on shaky legal ground since the Competition Commission rejected price fixing among booksellers and publishers in the spring. At present, the lawyers of the Appeals Commission are busy finding out whether the fixed book price should definitely be abolished in Switzerland. And the Federal Council is competently examining the value of the book.
The BVDS is taking advantage of the politically positive hour to inform the book-buying public about the advantages of fixed retail prices by 23 April. For BVDS board member Christine Ris, it is "important that fixed prices are discussed at the point of sale".
The BVDS is doing this with a low-budget campaign borrowed from the Berlin booksellers, designed by the Zurich advertising agency and based on the couple idea: "Price fixing belongs to the book," says Heusser, alluding to the image motifs from the silent film era. Felber Pinzon & Kristofori had already supported booksellers last year in their efforts to anchor the Unesco-designated World Book Day in shoppers' minds.
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