The Blue Angel with the leather bag

In the new Vilsmaier film, Aigner presents herself at the side of the dashing Lola

In the new Vilsmaier film, Aigner presents itself at the side of the chic LolaThese days, Joseph Vilsmaier's new film "Marlene" is coming to the cinemas. Alongside the revival of the blonde diva, we also experience the revival of some luxury brand articles, first and foremost the leather goods manufacturer Aigner.Product placement belongs to cinema like Billy Christal belongs to the Oscars, and for many a regular cinema-goer, the search for these inconspicuously placed labels has advanced to a small spectator sport. In Joseph Vilsmaier's new film "Marlene", starring Katja Flint in the role of the cool Germanic cult figure, numerous clothing companies get their turn, or rather, their money's worth. Among them are Escada, Wolford and the lingerie brand La Perla.
The Aigner company has secured itself a special appearance. With the help of Marlene Dietrich's magical attraction, they want to revamp the now dusty image of leather goods, so for the first time they deliberately decided to appear in a movie. So now Katja Flint alias Marlene wears an Aigner bag from the Metropolitan collection under her arm.
The main goal of Aigner's film commitment: to rejuvenate the conservative, sometimes staid-looking collection. In addition, the company wants to sell more lifestyle and not just leather accessories and clothes in the future. For this reason, Aigner has significantly increased its advertising budget and announced that it will pursue a new communication strategy. But for the time being, the company is hoping for more market presence among 30 to 40-year-old women, who unfortunately are not yet completely tuned in to Aigner from head to toe at the moment. But Marlene will do the trick. Chandra Kurt
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