The power sex machine with 98 hp

Publicis brings the Clio MTV first into the foyers, then into Swiss cinemas

Publicis brings the Clio MTV first into the foyers, then into the Swiss cinemasDouble stitching is better than nothing, was probably the advice Publicis' Account Director Philippe Meyer gave Renault. For the launch of the special model, appropriately named Clio MTV, the target audience was to be reached with the Cannes award-winning spot not only in the conformist environment of the cinema. To give it the desired resonance, Publicis organized a teasing promotion event and competition with Cinecom.So the trendy model, which is advertised in the communication as a hi-fi system with 98 HP, acts in the foyers of several multiplex cinemas as a competition drop box.
To this end, cast actors surprise moviegoers by mopping the floor as buzzing ushers, singing the line "Get up" from James Brown's classic "Sex Machine," and letting the last note fade out in an exaggerated fashion.
The dumbfounded viewers are only given the resolution in the commercial break, because what they have just experienced is based on the concept of the Clio commercial: On an extinct interurban road leading through a barren steppe, a barman prancingly mops the floor of his bar every morning, gleefully but annoyingly always singing the same two words "Get up" into the broomstick that serves as his microphone. And always at the same time, the poor sap stands outside to listen to the bass line as well as Brown's primal scream of "Get up, get on up" from a passing Clio MTV with the hi-fi turned up full blast. The highlight of his day. Luca Aloisi
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