m&K special edition 4/2019

Receive the German-language trade magazine "m&k" in the m&K special edition 4/2019 as a PDF download with the following table of contents:


Hotel Sempachersee Nottwil +Dining in the Art World + The Umwelt Arena, Marina Lachen and Sport Resort Fiesch present themselves.

The ultimate sunset

Where do you find him? In the canton of Zug, rumour has it. But the business location offers much more than that.

We make you happy

We took a look around at Läderach, Chocolat Frey and Maestrani. The incentives, workshops and conferences offer guaranteed space for happy hours - and addictive potential.

A little luxury must be

Why not have a conference that will be remembered as the best event of the year? You don't treat yourself to anything else, do you?

The agony of choice

Are you organising a seminar? Which location is best suited to which event? We help you not to lose the overview in the jungle of offers.

Oh, God, Christmas is coming

In April, the Christmas parties are already being planned. We take you to extraordinary Christmas locations.

Digital excellence

Events outdo each other with digital special effects.

Fully automated Journey

From arrival to departure, everything is planned digitally.

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