m&k special issue 10/2021

Receive the German-language trade magazine "m&k" in the special issue 10/2021 as a PDF download with the following table of contents:

"Prove your value!"

Marketing and marketeers have to prove themselves once again. Only: How?

The great Beltracchi

Master painter, "forger", filou: Wolfgang Beltracchi on art, meaning and purpose.

Marketing and added value

Oliver Egger, Managing Director Media and Advertising Market Post, with insights into his work.

Purpose and Performance

An in-depth look at the most important area of tension in the MarCom industry in 2021.

Data-based management

Dr. Isabel Huber, Partner at McKinsey, on leadership using KPIs.

A closer look

Nadine Borter, owner and head of the Contexta agency, on the state of the art.

Meaningfully successful

As a former Migros CEO, Herbert Bolliger knows that only those who work meaningfully achieve anything.

Brands in the tumble

"Purproformance": Publicis CEO Alexander Haldemann on a special triad.