m&k Dossier Digital Printing 2012

Receive the German-language trade magazine "werbewoche" in the m&k Dossier Digital Printing 2012 as a PDF download with the following table of contents:


DIGITALPRINT The role of digital technology in production Digitization offers opportunities for the printing industry, but also poses risks. DIGITAL PRINTING SYSTEMS Save money on printing with modern technology An overview of the major market players and their different offerings. HOME PRINTERS Internal production of print products on the rise ECOLOGY Digital printing boom favors sustainable production The advantages and disadvantages of digitization and the most important environmental certificates. DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT Digitizing documents promotes efficiency DRUPA Individualization of mass production Opportunities arise through the production of print products tailored to customers' needs.


BIELLA Physical filing is still in demand Solutions from the largest manufacturer of office supplies for filing and archiving. SOFT- AND BRAINWARE Cross-media solutions with DirectSmile software Crossmedia as the magic formula of communication. The possibilities of digital workflow in production ONE-TO-ONE-MARKETING "A custom brochure doesn't have to be expensive" PostFinance's special one-to-one marketing system from Bookfactory TRANSPROMO A bright, digital idea - but in the slow lane Specialist Ralph Turtschi puts the benefits of transactional printing and promotion TIME TO MARKET General staff planning How helpful a production system can be in getting a message across. INCAMAIL Secure electronic mail How Incamail from Swiss Post works, what advantages it has and how customers react. GLOBALIZATION A complete system solution for production Reinsurer Swiss Re uses a system in media production that allows access from anywhere. PRINTING MATERIALS Wide range of paper for digital printing The range of optimized papers for professional digital presses. FINISHING The first impression also counts for digital printed matter How great is the potential for finishing with ink, varnish and lamination? UV LACQUERING "Finishing becomes affordable for short runs". An interview with Andreas Grüter from Gutenberg Druck AG and Stephan Koller from Agfa Graphics Switzerland AG.


MULTIFUNCTION SYSTEMS Multifunction devices offer many possible applications A market overview of the main multifunction systems that perform tasks such as printing, copying, faxing and scanning. MANAGE DOCUMENTS With process analysis to document management By analyzing business processes, a company can eliminate the burden of managing redundant documents.


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