m&k issue 9/2012

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TITLE STORY AZ Medien: "We are currently very well on track". 175 years after the founding of the first newspaper, AZ Medien is active and innovative in all areas. MARKET RESEARCH Method diversity and data flood: an industry in upheaval MAFO NEWS 1st Swiss Trend Day - Research & Results etc. SUISSE EMEX'12 335 exhibitors, over 90 speakers and 12,500 visitors ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Marketing Swiss Franchise Association


WEB ANALYTICS The analytics tools are more than just pretty graphics The majority of Swiss companies use web analytics tools such as Google Analytics. NEWS ONLINE Mission "Shining Land" and much more ONLINE HIGHLIGHTS Jörg Eugster presents the latest trends


STATE OF THE ART Away from the ivory tower: science as an experience Advertising campaign for a sponsorship program of ETH Zurich ADVERTISING Optimize advertising campaigns with the help of market research PIM AND PCM "Interaction between classical and digital media" PIM-TREND Presence on all channels places new demands on PIM ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Dialog Marketing Association Swiss advertising


INTERVIEW "The paywall is necessary, but comes ten years too late" In an interview, Publicom boss René Grossenbacher explains the latest trends in the media world and the advertising market. MEDIA PROJECTS The new ways of the media in the fight for market share Four forward-looking media projects are presented and the online opportunity is highlighted. AD HOC STUDY WEMF Which criteria lead to the media type decision? The study shows which criteria and bases are important for this decision-making. MACH BASIC 2012-2 The readership of print media usually remains loyal to its title The latest WEMF study showed stable reach.


NEW EDUCATION OFFER Continuing education with a focus on multimedia and convergence The rapid development and digitization of the media landscape is placing greater demands on PR and marketing people; schools are responding. INTERVIEW Develop competencies Josefa Haas, Head of the Media Institute of the Swiss Press Association, comments on the latest development and the importance of social media. NEWS EDUCATION Central Switzerland Tourism Day, Swiss Post's DirectDay, new social media managers The Tourism Day in Altdorf focuses on effective brand management. Swiss Post's DirectDay offers first-class speakers on the topic of "Desire".


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