m&k issue 9/1996

Receive the German-language trade magazine "werbewoche" in m&k issue 9/1996 as a PDF download with the following table of contents:


INTERNET SEMINAR Pioneers, projects, profits - Roland Baumgartner INTERVIEW Print Plus as a tonic - JaromirLöffler SATISFACTION BAROMETER Satisfied customer nation? ■ Prof. Dr. Manfred Bruhn STUDY Already flipped today? MARKET RESEARCH Small numbers - big insight - Richard Furrer DIRECT MARKETING Dialogue about media - JaromirLöffler


MEDIA EVENTS Event in own thing - JaromirLöffler INTERNAL COMMUNICATION Spürig for information - Jürg Nyffenegger INCENTIVE Hot Chili Pepper, Miro, Gaudi - Emanuela Boller


CAS Tools for efficient marketing - Lukas Maag PRODUCT PROVIDER Marketing and sales information systems PROMOSWISS "Future secured" - Sabine Flachsmann PROMOTIONAL GIFTS Success the sweet way ■ Ruedi Ulmann


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