m&K Issue 8-9/2020

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Tyler Brûlé in an interview The Monocle boss talks about debate culture and mystical brands. Smart strategist As CEO, Nina Müller brings a breath of fresh air to the traditional department store Jelmoli. "Starting all over again" Christian Baertschi, former CEO of Serviceplan Switzerland, dares to make a fresh start.


What protests teach us Protests and political campaigning are close - an expert explains why.


Market researchers and data Because data shows a lot, but not everything, market researchers fall back on tried and tested methods. E-commerce The Corona lockdown was a booster for online stores - but also a challenge.


"Help yourselves!" Who will save the media? Media manager Moritz von Laffert has an answer. "We expect transparency" Coming to terms with the Corona pandemic from the advertisers' point of view.

Advertising material

Simply more beautiful gifts Generic gifts are out: A plea for the fine art of giving.

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The mountain regions are ready With Corona came the slump. Now there is hope that things will pick up again. "My favorite place" He doesn't need more than the laptop. Patrick Coting's office in Baronenhaus zu Wil. Digital - Now or Never What will the events of the future look like? In conversation with Trafo Baden CEO Reto Leder. Corporate Events Fun and enjoyment despite the protection concept: Is that possible?


Association contributions News from the control centers of the associations.


Portrait Nina Müller, CEO of Jelmoli, on tradition, modernity and passion. Column Like Facebook, but with class. Meetingpoints Sources of supply
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