m&k issue 8/2014

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COVERSTORY Flower power for marketing Fleurop-Interflora's flower arrangements are also popular in the B2B segment. The florist has been proving successful for five years.MARKETING FORUM Competitive advantage thanks to diplomatic communication Dr. Gerlinde Manz-Christ is a communications expert. In this interview, she talks about the competitive edge.B2B MARKETING B2B brand management for a better profile on the global marketASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss MarketingSwiss Franchise Association


STATE OF THE ART Lasting memory instead of hangover Drosselbart Promotionsartikel has developed a campaign for the nightclub BoleroADVERTISING ARTICLE Creating customer loyalty with new advertising ideasEDIBLE PROMOTIONAL ITEMS Successfully advertise with products from SwitzerlandADVERTISING ARTICLES It does not always have to be an agendaASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss advertisingSwiss Dialog Marketing Association


SOCIAL MEDIA How news portals can benefit from social networks Facebook, Twitter and the like are also becoming increasingly important for news portals.INTERVIEW "The success of 20 Minutes and Le Matin is remarkable". Social media expert Christoph Hess in an interview about news portals and their social media presence.RADIOS Music, information, events, interactivity and voices What makes high-reach private radio stations successful, what do they have to offer, and what do listeners expect?ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS


FÜHRONG Traditional leadership models have had their day Generation Y is changing the job market and demanding more. Leaders must now upgrade. Continuing education offers provide the appropriate tools.INTERVIEW Whole new challenges for managers Günter Bader, Head of the Institute for Management and Continuing Education at HTW Chur in an interview about good managersCROSSMEDIA MANAGER Skillfully linking media The increasing digitalization of society leads to more complex actions as far as information is concerned. The CAS CrossmediaManager tries to use the media channels efficiently.


MOBILE MARKETING How to surf along on the mobile wave Which campaigns are used to reach consumers?APPS & CUSTOMER LOYALTY What apps can really do Successful apps at a glance.CROSSMEDIA The six success factors in cross-media campaigns


Swiss Contact Day Call & Contact Center Costumer Experience CRM


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