m&k issue 8/2013

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CSR + MARKETING Why Less Brings More - Plea for the Switcher Principle Less is more: Switcher presents its marketing concept. STORYTELLING Strong stories stick CUSTOMER SERVICE Better customer experience across all channels SWISS NEW MARKETING FORUM Is marketing feminine? DIALOGUE MARKETING All marketing will be direct! ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Marketing Swiss Franchise Association


NEWSLETTER "Better map mobile boom in newsletter marketing". Interview with Patrick Walgis from Chili Solutions GmbH about the importance of newsletters, which are increasingly received via mobile devices. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION How much does social media influence online marketing? SEM specialists express their views on search engine trends. MOBILE Used correctly, mobile marketing is very powerful Mobile activities for smartphones are writ large at Suisse Emex. ONLINE FORUM "Internet presence alone is no longer enough today". A website is a must these days. And a mobile optimized website?


STATE OF THE ART Promotional item TRADE FAIR APPEARANCES Ideas at Suisse Emex TEXTILE FINISHING From smartphone to T-shirt ADVERTISING MATERIALS Mobile gadgets MEDIA RELATIONS Efficiency for press relations ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Promoswiss Swiss advertising  Swiss Dialogue Marketing Association


RADIO MARKETING "The potential of the radio market has not yet been exhausted". RADIOS ONLINE Online listening as a challenge and opportunity for the radio industry FREE MEDIA Close, optimal coverage, unique anchorage READER RESEARCH The most important information about the new MACH3 Basic MEDIABRANDS Radios highly popular with users ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Advertisers Association


LEADERSHIP SEMINARS Leading: move and move Managers are constantly evolving - and management schools have to keep up. Some present their concept for the next semesters. MK CONGRATULATES We congratulate the federally certified marketing specialists


8th Swiss Contact Day Call/Contact Center Callnet.ch Education Competence Center


8/13 Cover photo: clicdesign ag, Bern
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