m&k issue 8/2012

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ANNIVERSARY MARKETING Company anniversaries are used in advertising in many ways Up and down the country, companies and brands are celebrating. MK asked companies about marketing concepts for anniversaries. FAVORITE BRANDS Stars and celebrities report on their brand favorites HIGHLIGHTS Suisse Emex PREVIEW CALLNET.CH The seventh swiss contact day - customer needs digital ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Marketing Swiss Franchise Association


SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING It advertising opens up new worlds The specific selection and placement options for online advertising on search engines are advancing rapidly. SEARCH ENGINE MARKET "Shifting funds from the offline sector" MOBILEMARKETING Suisse Emex


ADVERTISING MATERIALS Promotional items with utility values have a better effect on the recipient More and more companies use the promotional item on occasion during the year. ADVERTISING ARTICLE Advertising ambassador for a taste experience EVENTMANAGEMENT Suisse Emex ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Promoswiss Swiss Dialog Marketing Association Swiss advertising


MEDIA ANNIVERSARY "Bild" turns sixty The tabloid published by the Axel Springer media group celebrates a successful anniversary; 41 million copies were distributed to households. GRATISMEDIA "Targeted regionalization is important for reader retention" The free media have stable circulation figures and are well anchored in the advertising market. RADIO MARKET SWITZERLAND Caution: the gap between costs and revenues remains The private radio stations are satisfied with the development of the listener and advertising market but? MEETING Research on the topic of decision The 16th Swiss Media Research Day of the WEMF will take place on September 12.


MARKETING Social media as a positive driver Hardly a semester goes by without continuing education institutes creating new courses and programs around the topic of marketing. Providers have recognized the fast pace of business and are feeding the market. EXAMINATIONS How a company from Widnau came up with new ideas in 24 hours The Rokker Company AG came up with new ideas for its sales and marketing. Examinees from the FHS St.Gallen helped with this. NEWS FROM EDUCATION SECTOR HWZ awards MBA diplomas - Brand management symposium - New communication specialists Information about new courses of study. Preview of the NetworkingTag with hypes and trends as well as info on PR education of the SPRI.


MK ANNIVERSARY The 1st Mk cover - back then the magazine was still called V&k On the next few pages, the editors look back on the publication's 40 years. MARKETING Professor Christian Belz in conversation on the marketing topic COMMUNICATION Interview with Peter Felser on the topic of communication
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