m&k issue 6-7/2017

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INFLUENCER MARKETING The Influencer: The New Right Hand of Online Marketing Why companies should rely on influencer marketing and what this method can achieve. MK-STARS The winners of the MK-Stars- Voting are determined Which work won the race and where do the winners stand today? A series of articles. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Marketing Swiss Advertising Client Association Swiss Franchise Association


VIDEO ADVERTISEMENT The more suitable the environment, the greater the effect Video advertising captivates, arouses emotions and thus achieves a high impact. XXL ADVERTISING FORMATS Size alone is not enough Large forms of advertising are used in the display sector when a lot of attention needs to be attracted quickly. SOCIAL MEDIA What it takes for successful Facebook advertising Facebook is a sought-after platform for advertisers due to its wide reach and precise target group selection. ONLINE MARKETING "Almost all companies have problems with master data" Interview with Valentin Wepfer, Deputy Business Manager at GS1.


STATE OF THE ART "Shit has never been worth more" The Goldau Zoo and Helly Hansen attracted attention with a pooping bear. SDV AWARD The winners 2017 DIALOG MARKETING "The digitization trend in customer dialog is irreversible". Many providers are not yet ready to implement dialog marketing in the digital world. DIALOG MARKETING An interesting feel makes mailings more attractive The expansion of electronic communication options has taken its toll on printed mailings in particular in recent years.


RADIO "DAB+ offers many advantages for advertisers". Interview with Creative Director Andreas Szentkuti and Project Manager Ursula Keller about the radio move to DAB+. ADVICE MEDIA Print media as an advisor with high credibility They provide tips, advice or inspiration. An overview of advice media. SPECIAL FORMS OF ADVERTISING Special forms of advertising in print media - attracting attention at any price? Advertisers and journalists are pushing the boundaries to attract attention in print - as was the case with 20 Minuten for the new Samsung Galaxy S8. MEDIA PARK The media park is open A tour of RASCH's new media park.


SECOND HALF-YEAR The new educational offers after the summer break For the coming fall semester, professionals in marketing and communication can expect a series of new, renewed or expanded seminars, courses and training programs. CROSSMEDIA "Home Advantage" wins the Crossmedia Award 2017 The Engadin St. Moritz campaign is convincing on all points.


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