m&k issue 6-7/2015

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TITLE STORY An M better in customer dialog Migros is the big winner at the SDV Awards. SDV-AWARD The winners of the Dialog Marketing Award 2015 DIALOG MARKETING Address data quickly become obsolete CORPORATE CULTURE Of values and virtues ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Marketing Sweizer Advertising Contractors Association Swiss Franchise Association


DIALOG MARKETING Magic word individualize What is the recipe for success in multichannel dialog marketing? Experts provide the answer. DIALOG MARKETING Fulfillment: the icing on the cake of dialog marketing INTERNAL COMMUNICATION Toward a genuine culture of dialog with transparency and participation ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss advertising Promoswiss Callnet.ch


ONLINE MARKETING MIX Sustainably good results with intelligent linking The forest of online marketing channels is becoming more confusing. NETWORKS Direct way to the website Online advertising networks are more in demand than ever. But the road is a rocky one. ONLINE ADVERTISING FORMS The agony of choice in online advertising ONLINE ADVERTISING An ad blocker as the savior of online advertising Online advertising has a hard time with users. Adblock Plus has a solution E-PAYMENT Buyers don't think in terms of channels like online or offline


SPECIAL INTEREST "With the design in book format we have dared something". The new publication "NZZ History" deals with historical topics. NZZ Managing Director Steven Neubauer reveals exactly what this looks like in an interview. INSERTS "Almost as powerful an impact as a directly addressed advertisement" What is the function of magazines that are located between the bundles of daily and Sunday newspapers? RELAUNCHES New magazine about Valais The new magazine "Wallis" reports on stories of the region. It is distributed by Schweizer Illustrierte and will be available in places such as hotel lobbies and tourist offices.


SECOND SEMESTER Into the second semester with innovations After the summer vacations, a series of new courses will bring a breath of fresh air to the training centers. KEY ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT Key account managers should know more and be able to For a key account manager, collaboration is critical to success.


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