m&k issue 5/2024

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Big Picture

  • Battle of words: Russia wants to influence the war in Ukraine with propaganda: An analysis.
  • This is our war too: British General Sir Richard Barrons on Europe's role in the "conflict of our lives".


  • The spirit of the times: Trend consulting becomes a business model: How do relevant agencies proceed?
  • Rock stars from the corner office: B2B marketing needs to become "sexy" - and some brands are already showing how.
  • Carter's cowboys: Publicis Switzerland CEO Alexander Haldemann on Beyoncé's "country era".


  • The business conductor: jazz pianist, conductor, keynote speaker: Dominic Alldis combines music and business.
  • Of brands and rainbows: Marketing professor Johanna Gollnhofer asks: "Does 'Pride' have an impact on sales?"
  • Barbie's liberation: The Barbie brand had hit rock bottom. The rescue? The courage to take risks - and Greta Gerwig.


  • "Women negotiate better": top lawyer Wies Bratby teaches women how to get what they deserve.
  • Under the spell of fear: Collective fear and exhaustion are gripping society - but there are antidotes.
  • Ready for something new? Does further training also make sense later in your career? Yes, if you have a plan.


  • "People want to understand": Middle East expert Kim Ghattas on the situation in the region and mistakes in Western narratives.

La Suisse

  • Visions urgently needed: Why Switzerland is facing a conflict between the "digital generations" - and what can be done.
  • "I like being there for others": LSA Managing Director Audrey Arnold in a personal portrait.
  • Tradition and trends: The Berner Druckerei writes history and allows a look behind the scenes.


  • A world in magenta: A visit to Bonn: A visit to Telekom brand manager Ulrich Klenke.
  • 4Gamechangers Festival: Austria's most inspiring conference enters the next round. We have the highlights.


  • Association contributions: News from the headquarters of our partner associations.


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