m&K Issue 5/2021

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The networker
Sandra Stella-Triebl and the business sisterhood "Swiss Ladies Drive".

Brave new shopping world
The pandemic has changed our shopping behaviour. What does that mean for marketing?

The major distributor
Coop CMO Thomas Schwetje on impact, marketing measurability and responsibility.


From one who went out...
Mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner: What does adventure teach us?

Customer Intelligence & Co.
A new study by PwC shows what makes companies crisis winners.

Letter beats screen
In the pandemic, infomercials gain momentum. That's what the research proves.

Cartographers of the future
The Fjord company misses trendy landscapes. A look behind the scenes.



"Don't betray your life's dreams" 
Publicist Bascha Mika on emancipation, "double standards" and Alice Schwarzer.

Fit for tomorrow
These continuing education courses keep communications professionals up to date.

corporate influencer
Why employees are often the best brand ambassadors.



... and here's to the next ten!
Manuel Nappo looks back on ten successful years at the HWZ.

The end of third party cookies
Ready or not, the cookie era is ending. What does this mean for clients?



Safely through the crisis
A comprehensive study shows which media strategy was the best during the crisis.

Quo vadis, TV?
Four industry insiders on their visions for the television of the future.

Impact insights à la MediapulseO
Mediapulse CEO Dr. Tanja Hackenbruch on advertising impact and "second screens".


Association fees
The latest from the control centers of the associations.  


Column: Show attitude
Column: The year 2050
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