m&k issue 5/2017

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TITLE STORY The uphill battle for quality in digital advertising Whether click fraud, harmful environments or insufficient visibility - there are many dangers lurking in the display of online advertising. SALES PROMOTION "At the emotional freezing point" Although it is more strongly integrated into communication, sales promotion is losing its contour. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Marketing Swiss Advertising Client Association Swiss Franchise Association


E-PAYMENT Customer loyalty via Twint with stamp cards and coupons The mobile payment market in Switzerland is highly competitive. With Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, there are now two powerful players on the market. Now Twint is joining them. CONVERSION RATE Read and interpret customer traces Increase visitor clicks with the right measures. CONTEXTUAL COMMERCE Contextual Commerce: Much more than a trend? Online shopping directly via blog, newsletter or Facebook? E-COMMERCE Ten steps to a fast-growing e-commerce company Ten key e-commerce problems and how to solve them.


STATE OF THE ART Bingo! How HC Davos gamely increased its revenue Sports clubs are increasingly facing financial challenges. Creative ideas are needed to achieve quantum leaps. OPTICS & HAPTICS Score points in sales with packaging and promotional materials DISPLAY INNOVATION Experience is in the foreground FLOOR DISPLAYS Eye catcher in the jungle SALES PROMOTION Sustainable packaging influences the purchase decision ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Dialog Marketing Association


MEDIA APPS Advertising opportunities and reach of media apps In the wake of the mobile boom, it is becoming increasingly important for media brands to have a successful app. What do the Swiss media apps with the widest reach offer their users and customers? What advertising opportunities are there? MEDIA APPS "The advertising industry is struggling to keep up" Marco Boselli, Editor-in-Chief of "20 Minuten", in an interview on the development of the "20 Minuten" app, the new "20 Minuten" radio station and the role of advertisers. RELAUNCHES New website for the "Observer The website of the "Beobachter" presents itself with a new tile concept.


SALE Digital and analog on the ball Good salespeople need to combine their communicative and empathetic talent with a great deal of specialist knowledge in order to be in demand in the scene. TARGET GROUP Generation Z demands more digital creativity A study by Adobe sheds light on the importance of technology and creativity in the education segment for the future .


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