m&k issue 5/2016

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TITLE STORY Experiments in retail trade SALE POINT Better scent or video? SALES PROMOTION Interaction with posters VISUAL MERCHANDISING Appealing stores SHOPPING CENTER From shopping to life center ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Franchise Association Swiss Advertising Client Association Swiss Marketing


E-PAYMENT Solutions for online stores E-PAYMENT The digital payment solutions of the credit card industry E-LOGISTICS Ordered today - delivered tomorrow. Match-decisive logistics ONLINE SHOPPING Study reveals the preferences of Swiss online shoppers


STATE OF THE ART What is desired is what is creatively and conveniently packaged PROMOTIONAL LABELS Advertise with labels DISPLAYS Brands that can be experienced at the POS generate more sales MEASUREMENTS Packaging and logistics in the combipack has proven its worth CARRYING POCKETS On the road as advertising media and fashion accessories ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Dialogue Marketing Association Swiss advertising


MEDIA APPS The difficult search for the otpimal user experience In the battle for reach, it is becoming increasingly important for Swiss media to develop successful apps for their publications. Good design alone is not enough; performance and suitable content are also needed. MEDIA RESEARCH Wemf and Mediapulse join forces Mediapulse and Wemf are planning a joint venture under the project name "Swiss Media Data Hub". MOBILE MEDIA USE Young people are into Snapchat, Whatsapp and Instagram A study by the magazine "Bravo" shows the usage behavior of young people between the ages of ten and 19. Among them, Snapchat has now overtaken Facebook.


SALE Educate better to sell better Being able to sell professionally requires analytical, strategic and operational skills. These are not learned in the bazaar SELLING SERI would be called upon to create order Aline Berger on technical progress and requirements that have to be met in sales. LOUDNESS Comparing apples with pears is inadmissible in advertising 50 years of the Swiss Commission for Fair Trading. SALES MANAGEMENT Digitization strengthens direct sales Why sales channels have become more complex.


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