m&k issue 5/2013

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TITLE STORY Successful customer retention with relevant content CRM STUDY Which CRM trends are occupying Swiss companies CRM TRENDS How customer management and integration complement each other CRM CONTACT CENTER Benchmarking with dialog KPIs for customer service centers CRM PERFORMANCE Customer relationship management is back-breaking work first ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Marketing Swiss Franchise Association


COMMUNITY CRM "Community building requires patience and diligence." In conversation with Florian Wieser, co-founder and chief strategist of coUNDco. CRM SOLUTION Map customer needs CRM MOBILE Mobile customer management is becoming the standard CRM SYSTEMS Social CRM in practice: not a one-way street EMPLOYER BRANDING Fancy career websites are no longer enough AFFILIATE MARKETING Great future for advertising that costs only if successful


INTERVIEW "Convince with honesty and reliability" Board member Benno Frick talks about owner-managed agencies. SURVEY The advice to courage and with desire to make a difference GB-SYMPOSIUM From the annual report to corporate reporting ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Dialogue Marketing Association Callnet.ch Swiss advertising


MARKETING "Print enjoys very high credibility and attention". Interview with Thomas Passen about the restructuring of Ringier Publishing. BUSINESS MEDIA Interplay between print and online as a recipe for success The "digital" trend is continuing in the Swiss media. SPECIAL PRESS In the fast lane with tradition and innovation AGENTURRATING Media agencies in the judgment of advertising clients ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Advertising Client Association


EDUCATION Offers from Swiss universities of applied sciences Look into the educational and training opportunities in marketing and communications. CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT The new supreme discipline? Digital media make it possible to address a large number of different customers.


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