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TITLE STORY The cult bottle healthy for 100 years For a century, the SIGG brand - and with it the cult object SIGG bottle - has stood internationally for quality and sustainability. POINT OF SALE POS marketing; campaign top, but a flop at the POS At the POS, you pick up the customer with an active call. Successful POS marketing ultimately leads to the purchase of a product or service - in the best case. But a campaign can also be a flop. SHOPPING CENTERS Sihlcity or Shopping Arena: New shopping centers are booming Large consumer temples open their doors: Sihlcity or Shopping Arena in St.Gallen. Just a start, more will follow. FAIRNESS AWARD Fairness Award for Migros and Sherpa Outdoor ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS SMC Swiss Marketing Swiss Franchise Association


TREND GADGETS Magic helpers on the desktop: Widgets & Co. Gadgets, widgets & co are more than just small applications that help the user organize the desktop. VIRAL MARKETING How to drive without ID Everyone talks about it, no one really knows how it works, but everyone would like it to. COMMUNITIES Build online reputation via communities The good reputation of a company on the WWW is decisive for buying.


STATE OF THE ART Swiss nature boys a big hit worldwide Switzerland Tourism's mountain summer advertising in the 2006 World Cup year wins gold in the new "Export" category of the Swiss Effie 08. DISPLAYS 3D visualization for efficient display production Three-dimensional visualization has long been used in the development of cars. Other possibilities offered by 3-D animation are now also being demonstrated by display and packaging manufacturers. POS ADVERTISING Seductive print advertising As diverse as the points of sale are, so are the possibilities for POS advertising. PROMOTIONS POS advertising has a high priority in the marketing mix The specialized agencies for promotions and POS advertising are optimistic about the future, as an MK survey shows. POS measures have become increasingly important; their significance in the marketing mix is very high. Giveaways are also being used in a targeted manner. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss advertising Swiss Direct Marketing Association


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INTERVIEW "No me-too products, but new added values". Daniel Truttmann, Publishing Director Business and Specialist Media at Axel Springer Schweiz AG, on the positioning of his business titles, the conversion of the "Cash" subscription, online as a "complementary continuation " of print and on business media appropriate to location and content. BUSINESS PRESS "Our readers are a well-off target group". Financial market crisis, new competition from "Cash Daily" and various free online business offerings. But the business press sees itself in a good position and is therefore optimistic. ONLINE MEDIA Use of online media far exceeds advertising share The business press is very active online, but not yet very lucrative: The advertising market is less responsive than the user. The advertising share is far below the use of online media. New forms of advertising and multimedia "show cases" are intended to remedy the situation. BUSINESS-TV "A high affinity environment for advertisers". "Consistently good to very good" is the demand for advertising around TV business shows. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTION Swiss Association of Advertisers (SWA)


SALE Sales - primarily a profession for practitioners The Markom education reform will again increase the practical requirements for prospective sales professionals. This could further reduce the already low proportion of academics in the industry. In the future, sales manager candidates must be able to demonstrate a professional management function. SALES TRAINING "Careers in sales are more attractive than ever" Hans Zünd, Vice President of the Swiss Sales Association and responsible for education, is convinced that good training is a prerequisite for good salespeople. Soft skills must be better taken into account: "Further efforts are needed here," he says in the MK interview. CUSTOMER ORIENTATION Customer-oriented management brings profit Customer-oriented management brings profit: It's not quite that simple, because implementing it in the company is complex. EXAMINATIONS Fit for the exam? Here you can test it!


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