m&K issue 4/2021

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Ahead of its time Breitling CEO Georges Kern on "inclusive luxury," time travel and calls to Brad Pitt. Inseparable: content and strategy Content is good, strategic content is better: study of an interdependence. And they do read! People are lazy about reading, advertising has to do without text? A grandiose error!  


The Swisscom hunters The marketing bosses of Sunrise UPC are going on the offensive. A merger conversation. Art and commerce ... ... no one combines them as skilfully as the Neutral agency. Seven theses of the bosses. "Give us a sign!" Digital screens in retail offer numerous benefits during the corona pandemic. Quo vadis, communication? Corona is a stress test for external and internal communications. What helps?  


Nothing is like before Trend researcher Karin Frick on life with and after the pandemic. Who is the "iundf family"? The agency content and form about transformation and family cohesion.  


One store is not enough! E-commerce needs good marketing - and vice versa: lessons learned from a booming industry.  


Goldbach makes itself "fit for the future The advertising marketer invests in the Küsnacht HQ despite the crisis. CEO Michi Frank reveals why. Madame "Annabelle A portrait of Jacqueline Krause-Blouin, editor-in-chief of "Annabelle".  


Association fees The latest from the control centers of the associations.  


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