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TITLE STORY Promotional items are often underestimated in the marketing mix The role of giveaways in the marketing mix is often misunderstood. Yet they provide a multisensory experience. AMBIENT MARKETING The gas station as a touchpoint Service stations with convenience stores are meeting places for young, mobile target groups. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Marketing Swiss Franchise Association Swiss Advertising Client Association


APPS "The era of really good apps is yet to come" Michael Schranz, Head of Business Development at the full-service agency "Apps with love", in an interview about the requirements of app development. LOCATION-BASED MARKETING On the hunt for the holy grail of mobile marketing Thanks to the boom in mobile devices, marketers know more than ever about the whereabouts of their target groups. This opens up a wide range of opportunities. LOCATION-BASED MARKETING "It's not easy to find suitable use cases" Thomas Wozniak from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts deals with mobile communication, among other things, and talks about advantages and challenges.


DIGITAL GADGETS Digital sympathizers Promotional items promote customer relations, strengthen the image of the company and have a great impact. TRAVEL GADGETS Practical and stylish promotional items for on the go ADVERTISING ARTICLES Sweet advertising messages are always and everywhere well received ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Dialog Marketing Association Sponsoring Switzerland


JOB PLATFORMS "Job boards need to reinvent themselves" Thomas Paszti has been operating the job portals medienjobs.ch since 2003 and the platform ictjobs.ch since 2012. In an interview with MK, he explains how he positions himself on the market with his specialist offering. JOB PORTALS Only few advertising opportunities on Swiss job platforms Language regionally, regionally, according to industries and professions - the variety of job platforms in Switzerland is large. RICH Ten insights from the new reach figures With MACH-Basic and Total Audience 2017-1, WEMF has published the latest reach figures for Swiss media.


UNIVERSITIES OF APPLIED SCIENCES A mixture of practice and theory is required Continuing education in marketing and communications is a perennial favorite. The universities of applied sciences have also positioned themselves strongly in this respect this year. NEWS New Chief Digital Officer course at SIB SIB launches a degree program to become a Chief Digital Officer.


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