m&k issue 3/2015

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TITLE STORY At the crossroads of Big Data At the tenth Swiss Marketing Day, everything revolved around Big Data. Another highlight was the presentation of the Marketing Trophy. BIG DATA "Marketing will be even more permeated by IT". BIG DATA LARGE COMPANIES Better services for customers BIG DATA SME From Excel Sheet to Predictive Analytics ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Franchise Association Swiss Marketing


STATE OF THE ART "The VBZ campaign is a mirror of the times". In just a few years, VBZ has developed into a friendly and innovative brand. OUT-OF-HOME Public transport advertising appeals to online community Public transport advertising is effective and has a convincing high reach. Individuality, conspicuousness and combination with the digital world are the trends. TRAFFIC MEDIA Produce long-lasting public transport advertising with good quality Advertising measures in public transport do not come from anywhere. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Dialog Marketing Association


MIGROS "A newspaper can no longer get by without cross-media supplements" The Migros magazine appears in a new design. In an interview, editor-in-chief Hans Schneeberger reveals what has been renewed. PAYWALL Reach or paywall: What pays off? Swiss publishers answer the question and give reasons for their decision. RELAUNCHES "Z" - the new lifestyle magazine "Z" from NZZ stands for a transformed understanding of luxury and creative savoir-vivre. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS SWA


DIGITAL Digital knowledge is in demand Digitization is unstoppable and is advancing rapidly. If you want to keep up, you have to continue your education. Educational offerings are changing accordingly. DIGITAL Know-how also for managers The ZHAW is moving with the times and offering a number of digital courses. Sandro Graf, who is responsible for the courses, reveals which channels are affected and what the ZHAW is planning for the future. DIGITAL MARKETING The impact of digital transformation Online marketing is gaining in importance in research and practice. What is happening in this area is shown in the article on page


SOM "Comprehensive overview for newcomers and specialists" In April, Swiss Online Marketing (SOM) opens its doors for the seventh time. Alexander R. Petsch in an interview about the highlights. BIG DATA Seeing through the sea of data Big Data promises marketing opportunities to better understand the customer. At SOM, speakers will explain how.


Call Center Award Call & Contact Center Big Data


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