m&k issue 12/2014

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TITLE STORY "Like a Love Fire" The Touring Club Switzerland has reorganized itself. In addition to a modern IT, offers and added values were adjusted. CUSTOMER LIABILITY "Collecting points is and will remain a hit". Maintaining existing customers is profitable. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Successfully implement complex projects with Kanban MySign AG relies on Kanban for its projects. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Franchise Association Swiss Marketing


E-PAYMENT "Payment must be simple, fast and secure". The General Manager of PayPal in an interview about trends. MOBILE PAYMENT "2015 will be very exciting" Paying with your smartphone. Which solution to choose? MOBILE MARKETING Caution joins the hype Mobile websites pay for themselves. MOBILE ADVERTISING How to advertise effectively with mobile? Mobile is the growth driver in new media. BEST OF SWISS APPS "SumUp" from UBS is the best app of the year The best apps in Switzerland were awarded for the second time


STATE OF THE ART Close to the target group thanks to branded entertainment To publicize its campaign, UBS relied on the TV station Joiz. A separate TV format was developed for this purpose. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss advertising According to the Swiss Advertising Association, 2014 will be remembered as a year of common ground. Swiss Dialog Marketing Association Campaigns can still be submitted for the Swiss Dialog Marketing Prize until the end of January


CINEMAKING The cinema - a palace for many promotional activities Cinema advertising works. Marketers Publicitas and WerbeWeischer know this best. They reveal how cinema advertising will position itself and what is trending on the big screen. MEDIA USE The iPad is an iPet The IGEM-digiMONITOR has uncovered interesting findings on the use of communication devices. A study by WEMF. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS SWA Roland Ehrler has been with SWA as director for two years. In this interview, he reveals what he has achieved so far and what the future holds.


MEDIA WORK Making and understanding media Companies can take advantage of the media or suffer from them. The right way to deal with it has to be learned. INQUIRED "If you don't communicate, you don't get noticed". Elmar zur Bonsen from MAZ in an interview about the media world and what it takes to survive in it today.


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