m&k issue 12/2012

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TITLE STORY Brüggli social enterprise: Where visions are lived out Brüggli is repositioning itself on the market in order to better showcase the diversity of its range to the public. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP Whole new dimensions in loyalty marketing DATABASE MARKETING Direct marketers struggle to maintain data quality MARKETING TROPHY 2013 Best Swiss marketing campaigns are nominated ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Franchise Association Swiss Marketing


MOBILE COMMERCE "Tracking the customer with semantic intelligence". Interview with Boxalino CEO Michael Ammann and Head of Marketing Matthias Fröse. MOBILE E-COMMERCE Mobile shifts sales to e-commerce faster MOBILE ADVERTISING Mobile traffic is increasing rapidly - and mobile advertising?


STATE OF THE ART Five bloggers, one apnea diver and a world record attempt The JWT/Fabrikant agency proves that a global brand campaign can still be extremely successful without the involvement of traditional media. MEDIA MONITORING With sparrowhawk eyes through the info buzz in the media world The exploding dynamics of digital communication pose enormous challenges for service providers in the field of media monitoring. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss advertising Swiss Dialog Marketing Association


INTERVIEW "Combination offers make planning and handling easier". Stefan Bai, Head of Advertising Market NZZ, explains why the "Cityplus" entry of the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" is worthwhile for everyone involved and how other advertising combinations are currently developing. NEWSPAPER APPS "There is still potential for development in the advertising market". Apps for daily newspapers are a matter of course these days. Demand in the reader market is steadily increasing, but success in the advertising market is still mixed. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Association of Advertisers


DIGITAL MEDIA PR and Web 2.0 - you can't do without it If you want to communicate professionally today, there is no way around digital channels. PR in the traditional sense is a discontinued model. This makes communication more complex, but also more exciting. GRADUATION CEREMONY Raised the grades and thus increased the chances 159 talented individuals received their diplomas as newly qualified sales managers in Interlaken. A strong class of practitioners who will succeed on the market. NEWS Test your online IQ Do you belong more to the digital immigrants or the digital natives? Find out!


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12/12 Cover photo: Brüggli
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